Real-time race car data and telemetry

Use RaceCapture/Live to stream car data and telemetry to your browser

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Log any sensor data sent from RaceCapture/Pro in real-time. RaceCapture/Live can accept data from any sensor and display it as a graph, gauge or raw number.


Share live telemetry with your team, fans and friends. Built-in sharing to Twitter and Facebook. Anyone in the world can view and monitor your car's data!


Review your lap data with our detailed race summary view. See min/max and average values for your lap times, speed, acceleration and other sensors.

In Real-Time

RaceCapture/Live combined with RaceCapture/RealTime allows you to see what's happening right now on the track. No more guessing or radioing your driver to check their gauges.

Realtime Dashboard - lap timing and telemetry

View car telemetry in realtime

Log sensor data sent from RaceCapture/Pro. See what your car and driver are doing on track in real-time. Make split second decisions that win races.

Review lap stats

Sensor data is automatically tracked, averaged and monitored in RaceCapture/Live. Adjust your pit stop and driving strategy based on lap data. Be smarter than your opponents.

Race car telemetry graphs

RaceCapture/Pro - lap timing, accelerometer, GPS

RaceCapture/Pro + RaceCapture/Live = Winning

RaceCapture/Live integrates directly with RaceCapture/Pro, the premier race car data logger and lap timer used by professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

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