Race car data and telemetry

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RaceCapture/Live - real time race car telemetry

Meet RaceCapture/Live

RaceCapture/Live is a live telemetry system that allows you to view your race car's data anywhere in the world on a computer, tablet or phone. Live, while your race is happening.

  • Improve lap times during a race
  • Monitor engine and car performance
  • View lap times, location and sensor data
  • Analyze races live and post-race
  • Gain an edge over your competitors

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How it works

RaceCapture/Live compatible devices

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Mustang on a race track

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RaceCapture/Live on a laptop

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Compatible Devices

RaceCapture/Pro + RealTime Telemetry Add-on

RaceCapture/Pro and Realtime Telemetry

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RaceCapture/Pro + Bluetooth + RaceCapture Dashboard

RaceCapture/Pro, Bluetooth and Dash

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